About Us

Gardline Marine Sciences is an international and multi-disciplinary marine service company at the forefront of marine management. We combine high quality marine science, real world commercial acumen with the latest technology and software, research analysis and management tools, offering a full range of marine scientific services. 

Our Mission Statement

Gardline is an international provider of science and technology and aims to maintain a strong presence in all of its key markets by investment in people, safety and the environment, always striving for excellence in what we do. 

Marine Survey Services

High quality marine science underpins Gardline’s core services. Our clients demand the best value science whether it is to inform offshore and coastal infrastructure development, natural resource use, or assisting regulators and government advisors with the management of our seas. In return, we can offer you a comprehensive set of marine survey services, including geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and marine positioning and construction, consulting and in house training services. 

The latest innovative techniques

Data acquired at sea is analysed or modeled through our network of specialist laboratories, with high quality processing, interpretation and reporting undertaken by the scientists who were in-situ at sea. We use the latest modeling, interpretation and GIS techniques to provide high quality data products, analysis and advisory services based on your needs. Our teams also undertake original and innovative research and work in partnership with leading academic institutions ensuring that we are able to offer you the latest techniques and approaches.

Marine commercial sectors

Our capabilities traverse a number of industry sectors and we have a proven track record of working with a diverse portfolio of clients from the oil and gas, offshore renewables, government and public and submarine telecoms sectors. Our experience of working with all major marine commercial sectors means that we understand the needs and drivers of each sector and the importance of working with a broad range of stakeholders.

Project Management: A fully integrated capability

We can offer you integrated services across the life-cycle of any project, offering quality, value and innovation from across disciplines. Our strength comes from over 40 years of project management experience and our ability to bring together in one bespoke team our internationally recognised consultancy expertise with our survey, analysis and interpretation services. 

We take a practical approach to delivering your requirements. Each project is different. Our dedicated fleet of ocean going and coastal research vessels are fitted with the latest specialised equipment and crewed with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists working together on a continuous 24 hour basis to offer flexibility and a fully integrated capability.

Working across 5 continents

Our roots and headquarters are in Norfolk - the birthplace of North Sea exploration with an extensive North Sea coastline. We have an expanding network of offices in the UK and across 5 continents with principal international offices in the USA, the Netherlands and Brazil.

The Gardline Group

Gardline Marine Sciences is a member of The Gardline Group, which was established in 1969 to provide marine support to a flourishing offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea. Today, Gardline Marine Sciences is one of the many companies owned by The Gardline Group, which operate in a variety of business areas worldwide. Gardline Marine Sciences works closely with its sister company, Lankelma

You can find more information about Gardline by downloading our brochure below or watching our company video.

Marine Survey Services